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  The Global Leadership Commonwealth

The Global Leadership Commonwealth website at http://www.GobalLeadershipCommonwealth.com

The Global Leadership Commonwealth is an alliance of leadership development professionals. The network has developed a leadership engagement model called Distributive Leadership designed to "help every employee recognize, develop and activate their often untapped ethical leadership qualities. Distributive Leadership significantly reduces the potential for personal and organizational ethical risk exposure by expanding everyone's understanding of what constitutes ethical behavior in the workplace.

Clients of the Commonwealth are ethical business, government and community leaders committed to leading their organizations to the next level of success and performance. They understand that the highest performers and the greatest successes happen when doing the right thing is the only thing worth doing.

The Commonwealth believes that the best way to achieve sustainable success in their organizations is continuous ethical leadership development at all levels of the organization.

Visit their website at http://www.GlobalLeadershipCommonwealth.com


Take the ELP assessment here (hosted by the Office of Measurement Services,  University of Minnesota, USA)
The Caux Round Table (CRT) in partnership with a development team from The Global Leadership Commonwealth (GLC) now offers a unique assessment of individual preferences in taking ethical action in business and government. The assessment instrument is called the Ethical Leadership Profile, or “ELP”. You can find your personal preference for decision-making styles by taking the ELP. Read more under our Toolkit section by clicking here.






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