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  Vision, Mission, Purpose


  • Our VISION is for a free, fair and prosperous global society built on the twin pillars of moral capitalism and responsible government
    This vision is not small; it is a challenge of massive proportions but a challenge we readily accept. It is a vision that offers better possibilities for all and we are determined to inspire and lead with inspiration and courage in our pursuit of it.
    We believe that sensitivity to the concerns of all stakeholders, dialogue that leads to advocacy and action, and collaboration with others are the keys to greater prosperity, sustainability and fairness in a global economy.”
     - Win Wallin, Former Chairman, Caux Round Table


  • Our MISSION is to put moral capitalism to work by ensuring business contributes to greater prosperity, sustainability and fairness 
    This is our overarching goal and first priority.  
    We believe Moral Capitalism is the only system with the potential to meet the needs and aspirations of individuals, businesses, societies, and nations. 
    The challenge of moral capitalism is to tip the balance of wealth creation toward humanity’s more noble possibilities and away from the dynamics of more brutish behavior.” 
    - Stephen Young,  Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table


  • Our unifying PURPOSE is Moral Capitalism for a Better World 
    The Caux Round Table seeks to improve the outcomes of the market economy and globalization in the world through Moral Capitalism.  We believe that Moral Capitalism is the only economic system that can deliver rising living standards, social justice and human dignity for all.


  • The Caux Round Table PRINCIPLES support our vision, mission and purpose: 
    • Principles for Responsible Business
    • Principles for Governments
    • Principles for NGOs
    • Principles for Ownership of Wealth

The Caux Round Table Principles set out the principles and values underpinning Mmoral Capitalism. They also represent the path through which sustainable and socially responsible prosperity can become the foundation for a fair, free and transparent global society. Read more on these Principles here . . .



  • Principles for Responsible Business
  • Risk management tools - Arcturus
  • Training & certification:
    • Board of Directors
    • Managers
  • Principles for Government
  • Social Capital Assessment Rating
  • Moral Government training handbook
  • Qur’anic Guidance for Muslim Countries
  • Ethical L leadership Profile
  • Principles for Good Citizens





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