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  Commentaries and Papers

"Science, the Qur’an, and the Moral Community" ( 87 KB ) by N. Doran Hunter,
Ph.D. Professor of Political Science, Emeritus,
Minnesota State University, Mankato. 
Research Fellow, The Caux Round Table


What Happened?  The meltdown of global credit markets starting with American sub-prime mortgage loans, leading to the death of Wall Street as we have known it, and now to a serious global recession, seemingly came out of nowhere. How did it happen? What rules of good business practice were violate to cause such a market failure? The CRT has published a series of short essays addressing these questions. To read them, click here ( 150 kB )

Position Papers

The Critical Role of the Corporation in a Global Society ( 0.03 MB )
An Executive Summary of the Caux Round Table (CRT)
October 1997

The Critical Role of the Corporation in a Global Society ( 0.06 MB )
A Position Paper of the Caux Round Table (CRT)
October 1997

Prepared by David R. Rodbourne ~ Director of Programs at the Minnesota Center for Corporate Responsibility (MCCR). Although this was written by MCCR, the Caux Round Table (CRT) has used this paper for discussion and does support the views therein.
July 1996

Trade Policy ( 0.02 MB )
July 1995

Creating Employment - A Critical Issue for the World ( 0.03 MB )
August 1994

Trade Policy ( 0.04 MB )
July 1994

Trade Policy ( 0.02 MB )
July 1993

Speeches and Topical Papers

Needed: Change in Business Priorities ( 0.04 MB )
Walter E. Hoadley
Bank of America (Retired) - Hoover Institution
July 1998

At a Crossroads: The Global Community, Global Business and the Caux Round Table ( 0.07 MB )
Dominic A. Tarantino
Chairman, Prince Waterhouse World Firm
Member, Caux Round Table
March 1998

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