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  Country Economic Development Profiles

The most meaningful application of the CRT Principles for Business can be found in successful and responsible wealth creation. Poor, developing and emerging market countries have the greatest need for such new wealth. To achieve better outcomes for globalization from the wise use of private capital in such nations, the CRT believes that governments must play an important role in developing levels of social capital sufficient to support robust economic development.

Achieving effective and just government can be expedited by the use of principles, standards and benchmarks for the management of public power. The Caux Round Table Principles for Governments provide a template for responsible government which promotes the creation of social capital such as the Rule of Law, property rights, security of persons, public health, education, and physical infrastructures of transportation and communications. For the transparent management of financial institutions, the Caux Round Table has adopted from eStandards Forum 12 Core Best Practice Standards as proposed by the international financial community and other standards which complete the country profile.

The following profiles of 83 countries provide data on each country's support capacity for economic development through the application of private capital. The CRT Country Profiles identify areas in which initiatives can be taken which would improve the country's ability to attract and support appropriate levels of domestic and foreign private investment.

Click to zoom into an region. Click on a country to zoom into that country. Click on the ocean or use the right-click menu to zoom out.
(Mr Puvan, for now the above interactive map is made to work for the first ten countries listed below: Algeria - downwards to Cameroon)

Algeria Chile Finland Iran Luxembourg Poland Sri Lanka United Kingdom
Argentina China France Ireland Malaysia Portugal Sweden United States
Australia Colombia Germany Israel Mexico Romania Switzerland Uruguay
Austria Côte d'Ivoire Ghana Italy Morocco Russia Syria Uzbekistan
Bangladesh Croatia Greece Japan Netherlands Saudi Arabia Taiwan Venezuela
Belgium Czech Republic Guatemala Jordan New Zealand Singapore Tanzania Vietnam
Bolivia Denmark Honduras Kazakhstan Nigeria Slovakia Thailand  
Brazil Dominican Republic Hong Kong SAR Kenya Norway Slovenia Tunisia  
Bulgaria Ecuador Hungary Latvia Pakistan South Africa Turkey  
Cameroon Egypt India Lebanon Peru South Korea Ukraine  
Canada Estonia Indonesia Lithuania Philippines Spain United Arab Emirates  

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