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  Arcturus / CSR Innovation
Corporate Responsibility Assessment Survey

The Arcturus Corporate Responsibility Assessment Survey provides companies with a 360-degree self assessment of their corporate responsibility and sustainability performance based on the individual assessments of directors, senior executives and/or employees. It enables companies to identify and prioritize environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities to enhance long-term business profitability and value.

Arcturus comprises 49 questions structured to assess performance and risks for key stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, competitors, and community - and against the Caux Round Table Principles for Business, first published by the Caux Round Table in 1994. 

The Arcturus process takes organizations beyond compliance toward a path of creating and preserving long-term value through improved policies and practices for risk management, sustainability and organizational responsibility. It complements existing risk reporting and compliance frameworks by enabling early identification of emerging issues of organizational integrity and responsibility. Arcturus provides a robust methodology for communicating significant risk and reputational issues to the board of directors and executive management expeditiously. It enables informed, principled leadership and effective stewardship of human, environmental and financial capital for quality growth and the flourishing of the community.

The Arcturus questionnaire requires about 60 minutes to complete.

How Arcturus can help enhance long-term value:

  • proactively identifies emerging issues and risks affecting stakeholders
  • reduces reputational risk
  • enhances organizational goodwill value
  • aligns management and employees around company mission, principles and objectives
  • identifies material gaps in risk perceptions among stakeholders
  • assists management in discerning priorities and dedicating resources for stakeholder and risk management initiatives

Who within the company should participate in the Arcturus process:

  • Board of directors
  • CEO
  • Senior management
  • Division heads and group managers
  • Unit managers
  • Employees

Case Studies:

Arcturus and Nissan Motor Co.
Nissan Motor Co. of Japan recently completed its first use of Arcturus (known in Japan as CSR Innovation). This assessment process served as the basis for its new focus on implementing CSR globally. To read the relevant pages from Nissan's recent Sustainability Report regarding Arcturus / CSR Innovation, please click here.

Arcturus and the UN Global Compact
To see how Arcturus relates to the UN Global Compact click here.

Acturus and Chevron
An example of how to use the tool (Chevron 2006 CRR) click here

For further background information click here.

The Arcturus survey software is powered by SurveyGizmo


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